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Community Patrol

Conditions attached to volunteering as a community patroller

  • Individuals will be required to perform voluntary duties with no remuneration from the State or local police.
  • Every Individual to sign and abide by the Code of Conduct.
  • Members of the Patrol Group must attend Sectors meetings as arranged by the CPF Sector Team (Community representatives at sector level and Sector Manager) of that particular sector.
  • Individuals must be prepared to have their fingerprints taken and sent for clearance.
  • Individuals to abide by the relevant laws especially the criminal law and may not, at any stage, assault, interrogate, ill-treat or show disrespect to any individual of the community. Any patrol group member must also respect the rights of individuals as contained in Chapter 2 (Bill of Rights), ACT No. 108 of 1996 (The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa).
  • Individuals to work closely with the group leader; Sector Manager and other members of the SAPS and co-operate at all times.
  • The police must be called immediately to take over a crime scene, complaint, arrested person or recovery of any suspected stolen good(s).
  • Individuals to book on and off duty in the Z8 Register Book.
  • To book on duty free from injuries, sickness or illness.
  • To report on duty sober and in one’s sounds senses and not consume any liquor or drugs whilst on duty.
  •  Every individual to take every possible precaution to stay away from danger and not to approach persons, suspects or crime scenes where danger may exist. Individual must not handle or search any suspicious parcels e.g. bombs. The police should be called immediately.
  • Community Patroller is not supposed to report on duty with a firearm.
  • Individuals to work within the sector and to manage and take care of whatever available resources provided by the Department of Community Safety, Police, CPF or Community.

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